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Blind Work Expense

Blind Work Expense Learning Outcome

Blind Work Expense (BWE) is a work incentive program of the Social Security Administration. By deducting a wide variety of eligible expenses, people with a diagnosis of blindness can recover both work and disability-related expenses and retain some or all of their SSI check.  As a result of the completion of this module, you will understand Blind Work Expense eligibility, qualifying expenses, and the impact on SSI and income.


Learn about Blind Work Expense (5-minute video).


Learn about Blind Work Expense eligibility (6-minute video).

Qualifying Expenses

Learn about qualifying Blind Work Expenses (15-minute video).


Calculating the value of Blind Work Expenses

Learn how to calculate the value of Blind Work Expenses (7-minute video).


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Blind Work Expenses (5-minute video).


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